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Education and the hidden being within

It’s subtle but there’s a being within that longs to be included in education.  This inner being I’ll call the soul and in early education benefits from learnings that involve the imagination such as watercolor painting and failry tales.  Painting that is so soul engrossing that the child hums and feels the experience as joyful.    The importance of fairy tales is to also feed the imagination and help moral development.  Old fairy tales are from earlier stages of development and given the the form of pictures such as the princess seeking her prince or the queen wanting a child but must go through some trail with specific details that must be fulfilled.  The princess represents the soul, the feeling self and perhaps the prince her other half.  The queen could represent the longing to birth a higher level of consciousness in the form of her child.  Everything in fairy tales refelects a dream-like stage of earlier development which is appropriate for the child under seven, before the intellectual faculities kick in.


About lovingdifferences

I work as a special needs teacher in my own independent living service program. I have a Masters degree in special education specializing in develiopmental disabilities such as intellectual challenges, autism and emotional challenges. I also have a PhD. in metaphysics with interests in dreams, homeopathic medicine, reincarnation, life after death and communication with those who have crossed over and the importance of learning about the etheric body. The work of Rudolf Steiner is a lifetime interest of mine covering spritual understanding of our world through understanding ourselves. His work encompases a lot, such as the spiritual reasons for disability, the complexities of karma, the evolution of our planet, the angels and nature intellegences and our relationship to them. All of those areas will be covered in this blog and future ebooks. Sandy


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