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Spiritual Understanding of individuality and personality

Our individuality carries us from earth life to earth life.  To study look at the basis of your human soul and the forces that work within your being.  Our personality on the other hand is formed within one life by all that we experience.  To study we must see how the essential kernel comes to expression in our choice  profession for example.  Goethe studied the archetype of the plant and he could see the plant within creating and growing, (as this was his gift to see the plant alive in his inner eye).  Think of a model such as a seed that becomes a rose and like a growing flower we bring what our individuality had learned from previous lives.  The fruit of previous lives is what we bring in the form of karma, gentle karma usually, unless we need a real kick in the butt.  Through our individuality and personality we can always grow new flowers.  When we work hard to develop a skill such as learning to play an instrument or learning a new language we are developing our personality which builds our individuality.


About lovingdifferences

I work as a special needs teacher in my own independent living service program. I have a Masters degree in special education specializing in develiopmental disabilities such as intellectual challenges, autism and emotional challenges. I also have a PhD. in metaphysics with interests in dreams, homeopathic medicine, reincarnation, life after death and communication with those who have crossed over and the importance of learning about the etheric body. The work of Rudolf Steiner is a lifetime interest of mine covering spritual understanding of our world through understanding ourselves. His work encompases a lot, such as the spiritual reasons for disability, the complexities of karma, the evolution of our planet, the angels and nature intellegences and our relationship to them. All of those areas will be covered in this blog and future ebooks. Sandy


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