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Ways to cope with the craziness of our world.  Bless our world.  Here are some steps to have inner peace and less stress.

1.  Identify the problem, picture it, forgive it, feel into it to try to understand.

2.  Develop empathy, the capacity to feel into another and feel the other in youself.  It’s not about feeling just you but is a spiritual power to feel the other and attempt to understand.  Spiritual teachers have said to meditate on an image and picture it before your inner eye and you’ll get an after image of that person.  Hold the image and enter it.  For instance before I go to sleep I picture a person that I want to understand and ask that person to help me understand him/her.  Also I ask my angel for assistance to talk with his/her angel .  What would you do?

2  This meditation can be done with gemstones (crystals).  Study a favorite crystal, picture it before your inner eye and if it disappears just call it back and gently return to the image again and again.  Enter the image and come out the other side of it, in your inner eye.  You may be introduced to landscapes and optical designs, gifts from the spirit of the crystal.  Each crystal has an enchanted being who must be released and each crystal has qualities, virtues that we read about in books on gem lore.  For example apache tears or black obsidian is a good stone for protection.  That is to say that the angel of the apache tears has a protective nature and what we want to do is to get to know the angel of the stone.

3.  It goes without saying love is a healer.  Love the root of the discomfort or the situation to release it. as it gave you the opportunity to grow.   Bloggers comment?

4.  In the evening of everyday practice backward review to look at the day from the last event to the first.  Look at what you’ve learned and need to learn and perhaps do differently the next day.


Spiritual Understanding of individuality and personality

Our individuality carries us from earth life to earth life.  To study look at the basis of your human soul and the forces that work within your being.  Our personality on the other hand is formed within one life by all that we experience.  To study we must see how the essential kernel comes to expression in our choice  profession for example.  Goethe studied the archetype of the plant and he could see the plant within creating and growing, (as this was his gift to see the plant alive in his inner eye).  Think of a model such as a seed that becomes a rose and like a growing flower we bring what our individuality had learned from previous lives.  The fruit of previous lives is what we bring in the form of karma, gentle karma usually, unless we need a real kick in the butt.  Through our individuality and personality we can always grow new flowers.  When we work hard to develop a skill such as learning to play an instrument or learning a new language we are developing our personality which builds our individuality.

a way to look at the differences in our world that reflect belief systems

Hey when a person has some belief system different from your beliefs and you think you’re right then you have to learn to understand the other.  That’s is real spiritual power.   Empathy

Education and the hidden being within

It’s subtle but there’s a being within that longs to be included in education.  This inner being I’ll call the soul and in early education benefits from learnings that involve the imagination such as watercolor painting and failry tales.  Painting that is so soul engrossing that the child hums and feels the experience as joyful.    The importance of fairy tales is to also feed the imagination and help moral development.  Old fairy tales are from earlier stages of development and given the the form of pictures such as the princess seeking her prince or the queen wanting a child but must go through some trail with specific details that must be fulfilled.  The princess represents the soul, the feeling self and perhaps the prince her other half.  The queen could represent the longing to birth a higher level of consciousness in the form of her child.  Everything in fairy tales refelects a dream-like stage of earlier development which is appropriate for the child under seven, before the intellectual faculities kick in.

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