Education and Spirit: The Hidden Being
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Star children are often diagnosed with (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) ADHD which is often an incorrect diagnosis because of other more subtle things at work such as a spiritual component.  They are often given the diagnosis of autism as well.  Star children often have the gift of seeing through adults as they state themselves.  Over the last quarter century or so new souls are coming to the earth that we have never met before.  This new generation is mature but unhappy with what they perceive in the adult world as it is today, and are coming with a powerful spiritual impulse.  Starting at birth their parents say the child gave an intense gaze that was not the look of a baby but of a mature, self-aware and wise person.  Perhaps you’ve heard of this experience before and/or know it yourself?  They require our heart-felt attention because we meet them in the classroom.  Teachers notice that all children are becoming more individual, but with star children this occurs with consciousness of self.  They know they are different and recognize others like themselves and form groups together.  They say what they have on their minds at an early age and what they want and don’t want.  They require a special approach because they won’t be ordered.  They ask that the adult state what they intend otherwise they put up stubborn resistance because they want to be treated with respect.  If the teacher wants them to do something the teacher has to talk it over with them.  A discussion is appropriate even if the child is too young to understand what is being discussed.  (In instances of intellectual challenges there is “feeling” understanding.)  This goes without saying that it’s more positive to interact with shared conversation than a battle of wills which could be the alternative.   (Resource Star Children by George Kuhlewind.)



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